Master Plan Gains Traction – The Wanderer

Note: This article ran in print in the August 21, 2014 Edition of The Wanderer. The original online version can be seen here (See pg. 36). This is an excerpt.


The Marion Planning Board continued discussion on the proposed town Master Plan. The stated goal of the Master Plan is to provide a framework for how Marion can become a sustainable community in the future by creating a plan of action that addresses the interdependence of economic, environmental, and social issues, allowing the town to grow and prosper without diminishing the natural and cultural resources on which the town depends.

“The point of having the Master Plan is to create a process where the town’s boards, subcommittees, and taxpayers can work together to determine the feasibility of future projects for the town,” Board member Rico Ferrari explained. “It’s important to have a documented process showing the town’s goals and outlining how we will accomplish them.”

“It also makes it easier for the town to apply for grants and funding from the state. They want to know how the money is being used, so it helps to have a detailed plan to show them and makes it more likely that our requests for funding will be granted,” Ferrari added.




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